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It is not presumption  that drives me, but my conscience as a medical doctor that bids me fulfil my duty and prepare those few who will hear me for coming events which are in accord with the end of an era

I am, to be quite frank, concerned for all those who are caught unprepared by the events in question and disconcerted by their incomprehensible nature

Flying Saucers
(CW 10, §§ 589-90)



Since the explosion of the first atomic bomb in 1945, reports of UFO encounters and abductions have increased at an exponential rate. Further, more and more people begin to have the distinct feeling that the development of the atomic bomb and the appearance of UFO phenomena somehow belong together. If so, the question arises whether UFOs are physically real. The answer is: yes and no.

In an attempt to help mankind find its way back to a more comprehensive view of the totality of his soul the depth psychologist Carl G. Jung and the physicist and Nobel laureate Wolfgang Pauli postulated a world behind or beyond the split into inner and outer world, into psyche and matter. Pauli called it the unified psychophysical reality while Jung referred to this realm as the unus mundus (united world) - a concept he obtained from the alchemist and student of Paracelsus, Gerardus Dorneus.

With the help of this new concept, which reaches, however, back to Medieval alchemy, the above paradox can be solved: UFOs incarnate out of this intermediate world, which is the same as the realm of the alchemist's World Soul, their Goddess of equivalent worth to the Christian God.

"In the beginning was the Logos, and the Logos was with God, and the Logos was God." (John 1:1). As a result of this definition of the Christian God as the Logos, our consciousness developed - especially since the birth of natural science in the 17th century - in an extremely one sided way. Therefore we are not used anymore, to see the world and the universe with the help of the Eros, as Medieval people yet were able. We have repressed this principle, complementary to the Logos consciousness.

Eros - understood in its original definition as the principle of relation - can be compared with the wave principle of quantum physics. The Copenhagen interpretation of Niels Bohr tells us, that what we call matter is also a complementary phenomenon: It depends on our observation's instrument, which aspect of it we see, the wave or the particle. If we state that the particle principle is comparable with Logos, we can conclude that there is a great possibility that, by the repression of the psychic observation's instrument of Eros, we have projected the bipolarity of the consciousness into the complementarity of the macrocosmic aspect of matter.

However, Eros consciousness, as I call this specific, deeply introverted altered state, wants to be redeemed. My experience has shown me, that UFO encounter and abduction victims are unconsciously forced into this specific sort of an altered consciousness, which compensates our far too one sided use of Logos. In it, they observe a today constellated real creation and incarnation out of the psychophysical universe (unus mundus): The World Soul, the ruling principle of this intermediate world, wants to give birth to a "new child". The way this novel creation happens, is called creatio continua, the possibility of continuous creation. It is an archetypal compensation to the Jewish/Christian creatio ex nihilo, the unique creation at the beginning of the world by the male God - His big bang!.

Because the Eros principle is the background of this today constellated creation myth, it is completely natural that the archetype behind it is the so-called coniunctio, the sexual union of a god and a goddess. Therefore, it is this archetype, which will compensate the Jewish/Christian Genesis.

The purely masculine god of the Genesis created the world by the principle of separation and discrimination, i.e. Logos. The novel future world, however, will be incarnated by its contrary, the unification. In Medieval alchemy this synthesis is represented by the sexual union of the king and the queen, for example in the Rosarium Philosophorum. In a modern view we can interpret this today newly constellated creation myth as the union of the Logos Self (Carl Jung) with the Eros Self (the World Soul).

As in quantum physics, the necessary condition for the incarnation of this new creation would be its observation by human consciousness. Contrasting to natural science, such a renewed researcher of the future must however learn first to dwell consciously into the altered state of Eros.

Up until today Western science, however, has developed in the opposite direction. Since the 17th century, the deification of the Logos ego led to an omission of the development of the introverted Eros consciousness. Therefore, the conscious observation of the microcosmic coniunctio in one's own body and soul, which is autonomous and absolutely independent of our consciousness, is not possible anymore. Instead of concentrating on the resulting birth of the World Soul's "children", the empirically observable natural "inner quantum leaps", Western science was and is yet misled by a deeply unconscious power complex which enforced it to produce artificial quantum leaps in outer matter. The destructive consequences of this behaviour are the atomic bomb and the nuclear plants (UFOs are so interested in!). Since the invention of the atomic bomb, will power, a Logos principle, produces artificially liberated radioactivity of outer matter, i.e. in the macrocosm: The World Soul is raped by the will-power of Western science and forced to give birth to "children" She does not want to incarnate at all.

Because of the repression of the Eros consciousness, the divine feminine principle is not, as in Medieval times, able anymore to present her creations to mankind in the introverted world of the microcosm. As a logical conclusion of this repression, She is now forced to incarnate her "children" in the macrocosm, as UFOs and their inhabitants. Further, as a raped woman, She seeks for revenge and rapes her victims, too, by forcing them into an unconscious change from the will-powered Logos into the will-less Eros. Like this She pummels or even destroys the extraverted Logos consciousness: UFO encounter and abduction happen spontaneously (creatio continua) and must therefore be observed by the victims against their conscious will.

With this brief sketch of the archetypal background - derived as a result of the continuation of Carl Jung's, Wolfgang Pauli's and Marie-Louise von Franz' research - one need not be a prophet to expect that in the near future the UFO encounter and abduction problem will increase to an unimaginable extent. Only a radical change of our consciousness and of its old-fashioned paradigm can prevent us from participating in the most horrible effect of this development - of the destruction of mankind, be it psychic, be it physical, or both.

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