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The UFO and the Subtle Body

Contemporary History and Future Developments in Nine UFO Dreams


Part 1:

The constellation of the UFO myth in the first eight dreams of a series


In early summer of 2002, a woman whom I did not know, sent me a series of 8 dreams, all of them dealing in some way with the UFO phenomenon. Covering the period of almost 15 years and showing how - in this relatively long time span between the 20th and the 35th year of the dreamer's life - the future challenge of her occupation with the body-soul (or its equivalent, the subtle body; s. below) has heralded. As a subsequent 9th dream shows (see part 2), such UFO dreams - which are, as I have observed for the past 20 years, constellated in more and more human beings of today - belong to apocalyptical events to be expected in the near future, that were launched with the shocking terror of "9/11".

One of the most important meanings of such dreams I observed during this time period, consists of the request that everyone should - with the help of an introverted process - prepare for similar future events. Moreover, they tell us that such an occupation with these phenomena experienced in our body and soul - which are, as all afflicted people confirm, "more than dreams", "much more substantial" and often accompanied by out-of-body experiences - obviously represent some sort of constructive counter-force to the tendencies of destruction of our planet by modern technology, especially by the atom bomb, the nuclear power stations and the contamination by the artificial radioactive radiation produced by them.

Therefore, it is my hope that as many human beings as possible will open to these constructive and healing tendencies which are constellated in every one of us. Because I classify the urgency of this challenge as highest priority, I have decided to publish these dreams which show the problem and a possible solution along with my interpretation. In this manner, I hope to stimulate as many people as possible to deal with these very strange inner phenomena. As far as I can see, up until now, only through or by such an introverted task will we be able to release an invisible subterranean ground water current of constructive forces, which could prevent our planet from total destruction.

In order to maintain the conversational style, I will adhere to the original exchange of e-mails. For purposes of showing the historical dimensions of these dreams, the interpretations and cross references have been slightly enhanced.




Dear Dr. Roth

Your page Psychovision is very interesting and I think you have an incredible ability to analyse dreams. Therefore, I take the liberty of sending you a couple of dreams that, by and large, seem to be connected to UFOs.

I'm 35 years old and, since the age of 18, have been again and again subject to spontaneous out-of-body experiences (astral projections). Although I've always recorded my dreams fairly regularly, it was not until recently (crisis connected to my own individualisation) that I've started to look at them more closely. This of course is still quite difficult for me.




Dear Mrs. X.Y.

First let me say thank you for your compliments. For me, the interpretation of dreams is a very creative occupation, which I deal with very intensely.

But let us now have a look at your dreams. Experience shows that the time between 35 and 40 years - the midlife crisis - is a period in which one should give life a new orientation. Mostly, this means paying more attention to the inside, a deeper introversion. Through my observations, connected with this introversion there also should be a more conscious experience of the body, more precisely, an analysis of what I call the "inside view of the body" and what I try to explore with my Body Centered Visualisation (or Imagination) (see A Body Centered Visualization for Arrhythmias of the Heart). It seems to me, that your UFO dreams deal with this challenge.

Of course, in an e-mail I can only be concerned with a few dream motifs. Exactly these motifs seem to show me a process, constellated in you, which deals with the so-called "psychification of bodily matter" (see below). The conscious experience of this process seems to be the task of your second half of life. If this process happens unconsciously, we can, indeed, observe out-of-body experiences. Thus, they are a hint of your future challenge as well.

I will interpret your dreams chronologically. As Carl G. Jung stresses [Collected Works (CW), vol. 12, § 50], if there is a sequence of dreams where the motifs repeat several times, this allows us an interpretation without knowing too much about your personal life. Moreover, these dreams are archetypal, which means that they come out of the deepest roots of the unconscious. Therefore they speak to not only your personal difficulties, but also to a collective problem. If we can find an interpretation of them, we can also show some of the most important constellations of today's collective consciousness and, especially, a way out of an old-fashioned zeitgeist, which wants to be renewed by the wisdom of the so-called "preconscious knowledge" of the unconscious (Carl Jung).

Let us now have a look at the first dream: 

Dream of 14/12/88:

Recollection of dream not very clear, but content "strange":

I'm sitting in a room with a man who appears to be some kind of scientist. Apparently, he is conducting a test involving various people. On the wall to my right, there's a digital board hanging approximately 2 metres above ground. I think of the name "digital" because there are neon lights similar to the ones used in advertising. However, there are no colors just a vertical narrow line moving again and again from left to right. The line is a little darker than the rest. The length and height of the board is approx. 60 x 20 cm. I believe other people took the test before me. Unfortunately, I cannot tell what I'm supposed to do, but in any case I do something different than what was expected. I'm sitting next to the man with a gap of 1.5 metres between us (is there another person present?). On your marks, get set, go, everybody falls silent. For some reason I use telepathy (and I feel much willpower to succeed). Simultaneously, together with a sudden startled look from the scientist, I receive something similar to an electric shock that lasts for several seconds. The man says: "not like that!" (He must have picked up my attempt at telepathy right away!) There is also a touch of admiration in his look. I'm the first subject to use this technique.

Other sequence: I'm still in the same room holding a brown medicine ball which I'm supposed to throw at a board (wooden stand) in front of me. I say more or less to myself: "I most certainly will be unable to do that" but the ball hits the right spot. The man (the same?) tells me to always say that before a test as this obviously has the contrary effect in my case.

(It was great to be able to use telepathy in this dream. I have the feeling it should also be possible when I'm awake.)


Interpretation of the first dream:

The beginning of a dream - in this case even of a series - mostly describes the future challenge of the dreamer.

The "scientist" is an introspective scientific part in your soul which wants to observe and explore inner "digital" phenomena. "Digital" processes are not continuous, but happen discontinuously, interrupted by leaps. In a certain sense, we can say that quantum physics is "digital", because processes observed by it - especially radioactive decay - happen like this. Therefore, it is impossible to predict, which new situation will be reached during such an event. Moreover, for a single radioactive decay, it is impossible to distinguish time and space of such an event by natural scientific laws. Thus, psychic phenomena which happen in this manner I also call "inner quantum leaps". They happen spontaneously, independent of our conscious will, and mostly they are connected to an experience which people describe as a "leap into an alien world".

Your scientific part wants to explore these phenomena. The leap-like motion from the left to the right confirms this interpretation. In general, for a right-hander, "left" means the unconscious, "right" consciousness. Therefore the motif shows us, that "light" which means "enlightenment", is constellated and would like to enter your consciousness, out of the collective unconscious' center of knowledge, the Self (Carl Jung). As experience shows, such a "psychic quantum leap" happens indeterminate in time, spontaneously, and not at all controllable by conscious will.

Mostly, we experience this inner world as bizarre, weird and terrifying, because in it, our experience of space and time, measured quantitatively, is relatively or absolutely absent (see A New Melody, a New Genesis). This flexible inner spacetime is a necessary condition for telepathy and precognition. Therefore, exactly these two parapsychological capacities are typical for the shocking UFO encounters and abductions which victims experience, in general against their will.

Experience shows that such events are mostly connected to an novel experience of one's own body. Thus, I call it the experience of the "inside of the body" respectively the experience of the so-called "body-soul" (or the "soul-body" or the subtle body) (see Neo-Tantrismus und Visualisierung and Die Körperseele, das Bauchhirn und das Eros-Bewusstsein). Below (see 3rd dream), we will see more exactly what I mean by these concepts.

The electrical shock could mean that you are not yet able to behave in the proper manner when you are confronted with such shocking experiences. It could mean that you apply your telepathic capacities to other people instead of to your own inner experiences. Or it could mean that your will is yet too much directed to exterior facts instead of to the "inner quantum leaps".

The goal to reach in the dream is to throw the medicine ball onto a wooden board. Actually, for this purpose a medicine ball is much too heavy. But in this new world, constellated by the above mentioned "inner quantum leaps" (which are also behind the weird experiences of the UFO encounter), not only time and space become flexible, but also gravitation. Therefore the first dream tells you that along with the "digitalization of the inner world" in which these "psychic quantum leaps" or UFO encounters happen, the gravitational force is reduced, and this is the reason why you have no problem throwing this heavy ball exactly into the goal.

Symbolically seen, your life's task is therefore to consciously confront the "relativization of gravitation" as an effect of flexible inner time and space. We will see below that this task is equivalent to a so-called psychification (Carl Jung) of bodily matter. With the help of this procedure you will be able to enter the "unified psychophysical reality" or unus mundus, the physicist and Nobel laureate Wolfgang Pauli and the depth psychologist Carl Jung looked for more than 50 years ago.

In Western esoteric tradition, this process corresponds to the realization of the subtle body which, in Eastern tradition is called the diamond body. Already at this place, I must however stress that this procedure has nothing to do with "instant esoterics" taught in today's New Age circles, but consists of a process which is - by means of inner images that rise from the belly (see the motif of the "enlightenment" below) - empirically observable in a deeply introverted conscious attitude.



Dream of 8/12/95:

A tourist party returns from a holiday (French-speaking region). I get off the bus with the other passengers. There's something going on in the night sky: A light source which reminds me of the written word "EIN" [German for "ON"] is separating from something bigger (moon? star?) and moves to the right where it eventually disappears. I am fascinated and think to myself: this happens very rarely, if not once in a lifetime.


Interpretation of the second dream:

You are now "on the road", which means that the inner process has begun (= ON). The moon and the stars are involved but not the sun (see also dream # 9 in part 2). This means that it is a process which does not happen in your Logos consciousness (= the "sun", daylight). With this term I define the "normal" consciousness which is mostly based on the psychological functions of thinking and sensation [see Carl Jung, CW, vol. 6]. Therefore the task of the development of the so-called Eros consciousness (= the "moon" and the "stars", twilight) based on the functions of intuition and feeling (for the latter see Jung, CW 6), is constellated in you.

I have been observing UFO encounter and abduction victims for more than 20 years now. Their dreams have shown me that the development of Eros consciousness is exactly their task. In your dream this is shown by the motif of the source of light's creation (= new consciousness) in the night sky (= collective unconscious), subsequently moving to the right (= approaching your ego). The background of this new consciousness is not the sun (= Logos), but the moon and the stars (= Eros). Therefore it has nothing to do with the "male" Logos consciousness, but it is based on the "female" Eros principle. With this I define the original meaning of this term, which means first "connectedness", "attraction of the opposite sex" and of course also sexual love. Symbolically seen, we can compare the difference between Logos and Eros with the distinction of the particle and the wave principle in quantum physics.

It is the Eros consciousness - the wave principle - which is, contrary to the Logos, able to perceive and produce parapsychological phenomena. Today, we yet are miles from a conscious availability of this Eros principle. But, as the archetypal dreams of my patients show, its development belongs to one of the most urgent needs now, at the beginning of the 21st century. Therefore I conclude that UFO encounter and abduction victims are unconsciously forced into this new consciousness, in which they approach the unus mundus (Carl Jung) or the unified psychophysical reality (Wolfgang Pauli) behind or beyond the collective unconscious. This world is relatively or absolutely time- and spaceless. Because Logos consciousness cannot understand this very different world (the "wave universe"), its contents are projected onto the (Logos) universe and people believe that we are invaded by an armada of so-called "extraterrestrials" (see A New Melody, a New Genesis).

As I mentioned above, today, this process happens unconsciously. Unconsciousness about a constellated process in one's own soul is mostly experienced in a destructive and traumatic manner. One can show that the constellated archetype behind the UFO encounter and abduction experiences is the so called coniunctio, the sexual relationship of a male with a female deity for the purpose of creating a new world (see part 2, dream #9). This process was symbolically shown in the great images of antique Gnosticism and of medieval alchemy (see for example the Rosarium philosophorum, in Carl Jung, CW 16, §255-538,, and the pictures to the right and below).




Dream of 5/10/97 (fragment):

I'm in an extraterrestrial room because I'm lying on the ground and somebody who does not belong to earth [the "entity"] is "examining" me. To this end, his hands move over my body without really touching it (similar to spiritual healing). It's not the touch of the entity that gets me floating more and more but my own force. As the hands get to my left side of the gastro-intestinal tract the entity says: "It is very good". I can see my arms float. The entity refers to my spiritual state rather than to my body. I take this as a compliment on my mind.


Interpretation of the third dream:

This dream is the decisive one, because it contains some of the most important motifs of UFO phenomenology, and because it links the latter to the phenomenology of the body-soul or subtle body.

It may sound very strange, but "extraterrestrial" means "intrabodily". The reason for this interpretation is the fact that in the state of Eros consciousness our "normal" conception of the "terrestrial", which means also bodily matter, is suspended. By means of this new consciousness we would be able to experience this relatively space- and timeless realm in our bodies. But, as I have mentioned above, mostly we are identical with Logos consciousness - a consciousness which defines itself in an extraverted way with the help of the five senses and the brain. Therefore, we project this space- and timeless realm into the outer world, out of which these contents then appear as UFOs. I have shown an example of the drawing-back of this projection in my essay Das UFO trägst du in deinem Bauch (The UFO is located in your belly).

The "extraterrestrial being" in your dream belongs to the above-mentioned "psychophysical reality" (Wolfgang Pauli). This means, that it is not subject to our idea of space, time and gravitation. It is the driving force behind the transmutation process, wherein physis is transformed into psyche (= psychification of bodily matter). As a matter of fact, this procedure corresponds to the one, which (serious!) spiritual healers work with. It is always experienced as quantistic-energetic. This could be the reason why - in the first dream - you feel this electrical shock (which is an abrupt process, too).

If such proceedings are experienced with a conscious attitude, they correspond mostly to the transformation of bodily matter into inner images: In a state of "dimmed consciousness" (Eros), matter transforms into "body-soul". It is exactly this process which I call the "psychification of bodily matter" or the realisation of the subtle body. Empirically, it is experienced as inner images, rising up from the belly (see also Bilder aus dem Bauch: Tantrismus und alternative Psychosomatik).

The body-soul or the soul-body are gravitation-less (see Carl Jung, CW 10, § 667). Therefore this transformation process we can describe symbolically as a relativation or even as a neutralization of gravitation. This ability the entity transfers to you, therefore you can now float at will. Another important detail is the fact that your will is no longer directed to outer events but to these introverted processes anyone is able to experience. 

The gastro-intestinal tract is connected to the three tantric chakras manipura (3rd from below), svadhisthana (2nd) and muladhara (1st) (see Bilder aus dem Bauch: Tantrismus und alternative Psychosomatik). Especially the second of these seven chakras, the svadhisthana, is said to be connected with floating. If one succeeds in reaching a state of consciousness which corresponds to this chakra - the reader should know that this has nothing to do with the so-called "opening of chakras" and "seeing the chakra's colors" of today's instant-esoterics - "normal" perception of space and time disappears. Therefore, telepathy (and sometimes even psychokinesis) belong to the corresponding experiences as well. In such a manner the acquisition of parapsychological faculties in the above-quoted dreams as with the UFO encounter and abduction victims can be explained.

The motif of the activation of these three lower chakras by "extraterrestrial beings" in the dream confirms my hypothesis (see Neo-Tantrismus und Visualisierung) that the challenge in our Western world cannot consist of the "awakening of the kundalini" with the help of "tantric exercises" for the purpose of letting it ascend from the coccyx to the head. Our consciousness already identifies far too much with thinking and extraverted sensation, i.e. with the central nervous system and the brain. To depart from these five senses, which are oriented outwards, we need a process which brings us from the head into the belly, to introverted sensation, feeling and intuition. Thus, the dream stresses the three lower chakras, in which the transformation of aggressive, sexual and explorative energies into their subtle body's qualities takes place (see Paracelsus and the Renewed Image of God). It is exactly this process that begins in the guts - and not the "opening of the third eye" (the 6th chakra on the forehead) -, that the "extraterrestrial being" wants to get going (see Neotantrism and Body Centered Visualization) Therefore you (and UFO victims, too) need a procedure to bring the energy from the head down to the belly first!

"By your own force" means that the "greater being in man" indeed supplies the energy, but contrary to the philosophy of Christian redemption, it is your consciousness which should deal with this challenge (the self-redemption of the Gnostics, cabalists and alchemists; see below). What you describe as "mind", is in my opinion rather the body-soul (or subtle body), which, in my experience, women have a much better relation to than men do.




Dream of 6/4/98 (fragment):

[…] I don't exactly know what happens next, only so much that I have to save a space ship, i.e. I'm the only one who knows how to fly it. It is located on the ground in a somewhat suburban area that looks like a construction site. Unfortunately, there are two men (construction workers) around. Nevertheless, I get into the space ship, put my car keys in the ignition lock and start the motor. However, I must also type in a code that I cannot fully remember. I continue trying without panicking. The men are now approaching the ship, get on board and ask me what I was doing here. I say nothing in order to stall for time. I try a certain combination but the motor stays silent. I start sweating because I really need to go back to T. and C. Then, suddenly, I remember the combination. It is 1561. The ship starts moving right away. I say: "Be prepared!" and pull a handle which gets us moving fast along the ground and then high above the roofs of a city. It is night-time. […]


Interpretation of the fourth dream:

The very interesting aspect of this dream is the fact that in it - in contradiction to most UFO encounters and abductions - it is not the space ship (UFO) and/or its crew which is active (and destructive), but it is the task and challenge of your consciousness to act. Therein lies a very decisive difference to these testimonies. It has to do with the circumstance that this process happens from the beginning in your inner world, while in encounter and abduction it is yet projected into the outer world. Depth psychological experience shows that only by the drawing back of such a projection victims can become the active part, and only by this they are not helplessly at the mercy of the "extraterrestrials" (of the contents of the unus mundus) anymore. How this introjection process could happen, I have described in Das UFO trägst du in deinem Bauch (in German).

Therefore, you hold the key to the individual solution of the UFO problem, constellated in you. To save the space ship (= UFO) and its crew is your task in life! This means that in the near future you must find a method for the constitution of a relationship with your "inner guru" (see dream #9 in part 2), for purposes of integrating his wisdom and directives into your life.

It is exactly this dream which gives me a lot of courage. It shows that there exists a possibility that we insignificant human beings - negligible and being at the mercy of the power of the rulers and confronted with the future apocalyptical catastrophe - hold in our hand a tiny, but decisive tool, with which we can perhaps influence the fate of our tortured planet and the universe in a positive sense.

This fourth dream confirms the interpretation of the third, and it extends its meaning in a historical process with unthought-of consequences: Only with the help of your consciousness is it possible to "launch" the "extraterrestrial" = "innerbodily" = body-soul = subtle body in a positive way. With this idea, we are confronted anew with the old alchemical and cabalistic request, that man must liberate the deity (here: the UFOnauts = "extraterrestrials"). Carl Jung writes:

„From this point of view [that the lapis is a parallel to the redeemer Christ and replaces Him], alchemy seems like a continuation of Christian mysticism carried on in the subterranean darkness of the unconscious - indeed some mystics pressed the materialization of the Christ figure even to the appearance of the stigmata. But this unconscious continuation never reached the surface, where the conscious mind could have dealt with it. All that appeared in consciousness were the symbolic symptoms of the unconscious process. Had the alchemist succeeded in forming any concrete idea of his unconscious contents, he would have been obliged to recognize that he had taken the place of Christ - or, to be more exact, that he, regarded not as ego but as self, had taken over the work of redeeming not man but God. ... This tremendous conclusion failed to dawn on the medieval mind." [Jung, CW 12, § 452; italics by RFR]

It is just this task - repressed, together with the concepts of the Jewish/Gnostic Corpus hermeticum, the ideas of alchemy and of the Cabbalah since the 17th century by natural scientific thinking - which lies dormant in us. Today, at the beginning of the 21st century, it wants to be dealt with, to find a new solution which is described most impressively in the Cabbalah of Isaak Luria. Carl Jung was enthusiastic about this idea. He writes in a letter:

"Here the thought arises for the first time that man must help God to repair the harm which creation has done. For the first time the cosmic responsibility of man is appreciated." [transl. by the author]

If you are interested in this historical parallel to this current constellated process, you can read the first chapter of my book Die Gottsucher (, in German). The redemption of God is always accompanied by the realization of a deified body, the subtle body, for life after death. (see: Marie-Louise von Franz: Dream and Death and, in German).

The number 1561 I would explore a bit more exactly. It is likely that it is historical, that it has to do with something important that happened in these days. Isaak Luria, who stressed very much God's redemption by man (the so-called tikkun), lived from 1534 to 1572. Therefore the number in the dream could be connected with him and his work. This interpretation coincides with my remarks about the self-redemption of man.

The extremely strong acceleration (UFO symbolics) at the end of the dream shows, too, that you are moving now in a world, in which space, time and gravitation of our conscious conception (Logos consciousness) do not exist anymore.




Dream of 3/5/99:

I'm standing outside on a wooded hill together with a friend. Suddenly, I see a very large snake-like airship in the sky. It is moving from right to left. There’s some kind of painting on its tail. Then it turns and moves towards us. At the same time it is also approaching the ground and, before it crashes, tries to fly in a loop. From the front, the thing looks like a helicopter. I run a little further uphill because I’m afraid it might explode and the flames/shock wave will reach us. Next, I have the feeling one was not supposed to watch. I try to escape over the hills to get the whole thing out of my mind. In vain. On the horizon, in front of and behind me, I perceive strings as those belonging to a parachute. However, they are not dropping out of the sky but seem to rise from the ground (i.e. upwards instead of downwards). A giant person is attached to each string. One of them (female) is wearing a traditional costume.

I realize there’s no escape. They take me to a place with normal-sized people who are talking to me in a kind/slow manner. These are not ordinary people. I’m somewhere high above ground. While I can move about freely, it would be impossible to run away. I sit on a chair in the corridor for a while (wooden floor). I hardly move because it’s difficult to move. First, I want to wait a little and then ask if I may return home. I’m treated as if I were a drug-addict and am told that what I saw was pure imagination. But I know what I’ve seen and I’m sure they’re trying to manipulate me right now. After some time I’m told that I’ve been here for nearly 6 years already. I find this alarming because I certainly haven’t been sitting on that chair for more than 30 minutes. I get up and together with another person I step onto the balcony. There are two comfortable red or beige sofas out there.

I sit down in order to get some fresh air. The place must be very high above the world although nothing looks specifically extraterrestrial. (I then try to leave this dream with the result that I wake up exhausted.)


Interpretation of the fifth dream:

The snake points to a kundalini-like process (as in Tantrism) (see Neo-Tantrismus und Visualisierung). At its tail, which means the lower chakras (= in your belly) there are colors. In the depth-psychological dream interpretation colors mean emotions and feelings. Therefore the lower three chakras are emphasized again.

But the motion is from right to left. This means that the "space ship" = UFO = body-soul (subtle body) disappears again in the unconscious, which means a regression in relation to the constellated process. Therefore it crashes.

In those times you must have been emotionally agitated and begun something new, which was diametrically opposed to your destiny. This could become dangerous. You must find out, what happened some weeks to months before.

The helicopter is similar to an insect (dragonfly), and insects have a lot to do with the vegetative nervous system. Did you get sick then? This could be the result of taking a wrong decision.

The solution is the parachute; therefore I guess that you escaped to the world of the spirit. But this parachute has to do with "mother earth"! Here too, a method is symbolized in which the solution of the problem comes from below. For this reason consciousness must first come down, from the head and the brain into the belly and the "gut brain".

You are a "drug-addict", because you do not follow the process constellated in you. Unconsciously - but only unconsciously - it has already begun. This shows in the motif of dilated time: what you feel and sense as only half an hour, in physical terms corresponds to six years. Your introverted time passes very slowly (half an hour, instead of 6 years!), when your subjective time measure is dilated. This happens for example when we are very interested in something, during a creative phase or when we are in love. This motif shows, what I mean by the psychic dilatation of time. The "tick tock" of physical time measure is changed into a "tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick tooooooooooooooooooooooooock".

But this world you will not reach by applying Logos consciousness, but only when you lay down, have a rest, try to find a meditative mood and by this approach are able to reach Eros consciousness (= sofa). But as you put up resistance to this new attitude of relaxing, you wake up only with great effort.




Dream of 17/6/99:

A silver airship in the shape of a half-moon appears in the sky. There are three black, elevated horizontal stripes attached to the ship. It appears on the horizon similar to a rising sun but moves very quickly. It jerks upwards and spins around for different lengths of time before it disappears again. I see it come and go, even on another day. There are many people standing around and we all regard it as harmless. Somehow, I want to volunteer for a trip and plant myself in the middle of the street. However, the ship disappears without having taken anyone on board.


Interpretation of the sixth dream:

The world of the moon rises at the horizon. It is the world of the unus mundus, of psychophysical reality which we can only approach with Eros consciousness. The similarity of the moon's motions with those of an UFO encounter cannot be overlooked. They again show that space, time and gravitation of our "normal" world (Logos) are no longer valid.

You have been thrown spontaneously into the world of the subtle body (or body-soul). It is exactly this experience which I call the "inner quantum leap".

Black has mostly to do with the unconscious world. The number three is the symbol of energy. Therefore, the three black stripes point to yin energy (see A New Melody, a New Genesis), which was constellated in you very intensely during this time. This yin energy belongs to the second chakra, the svadhisthana, which contains the crescent moon (see figure to the right). In it respectively with yin energy, time and space have this different quality.

You try to contact the space-ship (UFO moon) but it disappears: You are not yet able to enter this weird and alien world of Wolfgang Pauli's psychophysical reality, for example with the help of my Body Centered Visualisation.




Dream of 18/5/02:

I sit in the garden (unfamiliar neighborhood) together with my daughter and several other people. Someone appears to have hallucinations: A wooden tower standing close by (with a bell or clock at the top) is suddenly bending down like a person bowing to somebody or something. I see this although I'm not the person having the hallucinations. Then another person seems to be the victim of hallucinations and I (we?) eventually believe that the triggering drug/active substance (NDH or NHD?) must come from a "head" lying on a table and ready to be eaten. It looks pink and slimy. Twice already, small parts of the brain region have been cut out with a knife. The eyes of the head are similar to those of a fish, i.e. glossy as if covered with clear film. At this moment, I watch a fat guy cutting off a piece of the head as well and eating it up. My remark (muttered more or less to myself) that he will probably be the next to have these hallucinations has no effect on him. On the contrary, he removes one of the eyes from its socket and, with his knife, peels off some outer muscle tissue before he swallows it with great pleasure before our very eyes! The head is neither human nor animal, rather alien-like.


Interpretation of the seventh dream:

And now back to present time: The "hallucinations" point to the different reality, in which space, time and objects (UFOs!) do not behave the way as we experience them in our "normal" world, oriented by our five senses, the central nervous system and the "head brain", directed outwards. The symbol "wood" means the vegetative nervous system, out of which the subtle body is realized. The wooden tower bows to you which means that the deified body, the subtle body for the life in the beyond, makes a gesture of worship - exactly the contrary to the behavior, required by Christianity. The divine bows in order to be at the same level as you are, for the purpose of being redeemed.

We find this motif to be one of the most central requests in medieval alchemy, the redemption of the world-soul. In my essay Wolfgang Pauli und die Wiederkehr der Weltseele I am showing, how this challenge has come back in the soul of this famous physicist and Nobel laureate (see also my English contributions about Wolfgang Pauli in

The "alien-like head" in the dream means the "preconscious" or "absolute knowledge" (Carl Jung) of the collective unconscious. Aliens do not possess sense organs on their heads. The reason is that they want to communicate with us via the vegetative nervous system, and not via the central nervous system, i.e. via Eros and not via Logos consciousness. The alien belongs to the "dark master" behind the "dark woman" (see dream #9 in part 2) who steps forth when we are able to reach the svadhisthana chakra. It is exactly this chakra which contains water and fish symbolics, and it is this symbolism which appears also in your dream: the alien's head, whose eyes remind you of those of a fish.

The man in the dream beginning to eat up the fish's head, means that he - the "black master" - introjects it. This motif shows that his "life essence" is the alien's head, which means the vegetative nervous system. For you, this again points to the necessity for totally concentrating on the "inside of body's matter", on the "gut brain" or second brain, Michael Gershon discovered 20 years ago (see The Second Brain, N.Y., 1998).


In connection with the fish and water symbolics of the svadhisthana you write:

I've always dreamt of water a lot. Most of the time I'm swimming in it. Also, for a long time I was afraid of sexuality, which perhaps shows in the symbols connected to the second chakra.



This remark shows me that you have the fateful task "to swim in the water", which means: to come down into the svadhisthana. It is also called the sex chakra, therefore your water dreams have a direct connection to sexuality. As we will see below (part 2), a new myth hides behind the biological sexuality. It is a creation myth, in which a God and a Goddess copulate (sorry, but in alchemy it is shown like this; see for example "The Coniunctio" in Carl Jung, CW 16, § 457-66) with the result of a new child, the new age, being born. It is a synthetic counter-myth to the one which is behind our technical-materialistic world, the latter based on aggression, "analysis" and destruction. It is the archetypal basis for Sigmund Freud's fascination with sexuality. It is behind the "sexual liberation" of contemporary history which, of course, is the contrary, a chain from which we must be liberated. This liberation can only happen in an introverted way, with the help of visualizations about our sexual fantasies (for example with my Body Centered Visualisation technique). By them "man [will] help God to repair the harm which creation has done." And by this, "the cosmic responsibility of man is appreciated", as Carl Jung already anticipated almost 50 years ago.

Even when you are not conscious of this myth, rooted in the deepest depths of mankind, it is constellated in you - as in many people today. This destiny you cannot avoid at all. It is the deepest reason for the sexual coloring of the UFO abductee's experiences, too. They show in a drastic way that the new age will be born, not on the basis of an aggressive but of a synthetic myth. It is the myth of the so called coniunctio, described in the opus of the Rosarium philosophorum of alchemy (see for example and image left-above).

Kind regards

Remo F. Roth

part 2


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