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[I am interested in] the question of whether or not there exists a "subtle body" and the related question of whether or not there is a continuous connection between psyche and body, the object of depth psychology and contemporary nuclear physics, respectively.

On Dreams and Death, p. xvi

The vision proposed by Carl Gustav Jung implies a total reorientation of consciousness and of our whole world view. Therefore one cannot just leave his new paradigm as an addition in the hitherto scientific world. In my opinion, this fact should be discussed with an open attitude.

Der Pauli-Jung-Dialog, 1995, p. 332



For the Medieval alchemist there was no doubt about the existence of a subtle body. In his world view the microcosm and the macrocosm, the inner and the outer world, were the same because the part and the whole were identical. The animated matter in the macrocosmos he called the world soul, the parallel bodily microcosmos the subtle body.

The birth of modern science in the 17th century and its possibility of looking onto the outer world in an abstract mathematical manner destroyed this unity. Since then psyche and matter are split. As a consequence of this split, we do not believe in animated inorganic outer matter anymore. The second and even more important aspect is, however, that we have forgotten to observe, sensate and feel the inner body soul or soul body, because of the consciousness developed on the one hand in the direction of Logos, on the other into an extreme extraversion.

Since the second half of the 20th century this macrocosmic subtle body, the world soul of the Medieval alchemists, now comes back in an unexpected place – in UFO encounter and abduction (see UFO page). This dangerous development leads us to the challenge to develop the observation of the “inner UFO”, which is nothing less than the microcosmic subtle body.

Dr. Remo F. Roth

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