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Synchronicity is no more baffling or mysterious than the discontinuities of physics. It is only the ingrained belief in the souvereign power of causality that creates intellectual difficulties and makes it appear unthinkable that causeless events exist or could ever occur. But if they do, then we must regard them as creative acts, as the continuous creation [creatio continua]

CW 8, § 967


Today we are used to seeing all events on the background of the causality principle. We always ask: What cause had such and such an effect. However, Carl G. Jung experienced a class of events which are not at all causal but final or teleological. They are directed to a specific goal in our lives, do not have any cause and are therefore genuine creation acts. In a religios language we would speak of miracles. The principle behind them the Catholic church calls the providence of God. Carl G. Jung speaks of synchronicity.

If dreams are observed over a longer period of time, parallel to them one notices more and more outer events which seem to be similar and to have the same meaning. Such meaningful double events show us that a world exists, in which inside and outside coincide or belong even to the same “psychophysical reality” (Wolfgang Pauli). Out of this Beyond new creation wants to happen.

My synchronicity page contains on the one hand very impressing examples of synchronicities, on the other essays which deal with the theoretical background of these final or teleological events. My recent research about Wolfgang Pauli has shown me that Jung’s synchronicity concept must be augmented when we deal with psychokinetic events and UFOs (see UFO page).

A further concept I developed is the so called synchronistic life. Almost everything in my creative life happens synchronstically because I have learned to dwell in some sort of altered state which I call Eros consciousness. Like this real miracles can happen and my creative work is accelerated and deepend, mostly in a totally unforseeable way.

Dr. Remo F. Roth

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