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The UFO and the Subtle Body

Contemporary History and Future Developments in Nine UFO Dreams


Part 2:

"The turning point has been reached, the earth has changed"


This e-mail (see part 1) the dreamer answered as follows:

It is extremely interesting and at the same time new for me to see how you approach these things. In my dreams, it is often night-time with the moon or stars appearing in the sky. In this respect, I had previously felt that this was related to my inner processes. (I'm also rather introverted in my everyday life.) Thus your interpretations do in fact correspond with my hunches although I must confess that I feel slightly lost when it comes to terms like "inner quantum physics", "subjective vs. objective perception of time" or "psychification of bodily matter".

Therefore I first had to explain these new terms that I need to define the weird processes in the alien world behind or beyond depth psychology and quantum physics, which happen in this psychophysical reality or unus mundus, Wolfgang Pauli and Carl Jung looked for (see also A New Melody, a New Genesis).

My intention is to describe these new experiences - which mostly but falsely are classified by psychiatrists as symptoms of schizophrenia - on the basis of a union of quantum physical theory and depth psychological experience. More than 50 years ago, the famous physicist and Nobel laureate Wolfgang Pauli searched for an empirically testable theory which explained such experiences on the basis of the so-called unified psychophysical reality, an "inner-outer realm" which he thought existed behind or beyond the inner world of depth psychology on the one hand and the outer world of physics on the other. My dreams of the last 30 years seem to show me that it is my fateful challenge to continue, as far as I can, this task, which he began together which Carl Jung (see also my essays in In order to do this, it was first and foremost necessary to define the novel terms that describe the structure of this unus mundus and the processes which can happen in it. In the following sections I will therefore describe some of these terms in greater detail.

Let us begin with the phenomenon of time: It is very important that we distinguish between physically measured and psychically experienced time. Physics states that time - in systems that move much slower than light - is based on an objective measure: the second. Psychic time, on the contrary, is relative, as is psychic space. Neither of them can be measured objectively. Therefore, some people experience the difference between these two kinds of time and space and, like you, come up with out-of-body experiences (see also A New Melody, a New Genesis).

Today, as an effect of our modern Western way of life, psychic time is gone through increasingly faster. This means that our inner measure of time becomes increasingly shorter. Carl Jung writes:

"[Neurotic] restlessness begets meaninglessness, and the lack of meaning in life is a soul-sickness whose full extent and full import our age has not as yet begun to comprehend." [CW 8, § 815]

Thus, the crucial challenge of modern man consists in again learning "to dilate time", to enlarge his inner measure of time. This is exactly what happens in my Body Centered Visualization. This "dilatation of time" is one of the most difficult things to learn, not only for me but for most people. Ultimately, it is a mystical experience we can hardly express in words, an approach to eternity while we are still on this earth so to speak.

The symbolic term "inner quantum physics" describes the observation of inner events in one's own soul and body in a state of "dimmed consciousness" (Eros consciousness) which - as dreams do, too - arise spontaneously ("quantum leap"). However, contrary to dreams they are connected with an intense feeling and sensation that they are "more than dreams", much more "bodily", some sort of "inner physics". Such experiences are very similar to those UFO abductees tell us about. They always stress, too, that such weird events are different from dreams, much more real and more substantial.

You continue your e-mail as follows:

When thinking of the latter [psychification of bodily matter], my thoughts, ideals and beliefs that are frequently directed inwards come to mind. If I understand you correctly, I'm not (yet) able to actually live them on the outside. Does the process of the psychification of bodily matter thus require that the inner voice is followed and that the logic or outer compulsions should be largely overcome? Also, I'm not quite clear about the CONSTELLATION you see within me. Is it to travel downwards and thus release the divine part within myself? Is this something you encounter often but usually without an indicated solution (contrary to my case)? What IS the solution? Is it, as already mentioned, to release the divine part within oneself and to break free of dogmatics?

When I am talking of "psychification of bodily matter", I mean a process which we can observe empirically in four different manners.

The first is dreaming. Dreams consist of images that are created when in a hitherto unknown place in our body - in the brain, in the vegetative nervous system's centers, in Michael Gershon's "gut brain" - matter is transformed into psyche. Because the collective psyche has at its disposal an "absolute" or "preconscious knowledge" (Carl G. Jung), deep persuasions, which can also be experienced as clairaudience, can belong to this process. Individual ethics contrary to collectiv moral standards are often in the background of persuasions of this kind. Therefore, Carl Jung speaks of "conflicts of duty" (Pflichtenkollision; CW 14, § 778; GW 14/II, § 433), and from this "illness" you seem to suffer.

When we are dealing with these conflicts we are dealing with what Jung calls the individuation process. I translate with "following the Tao" which means that we must - perhaps against our own resistances or that of the outer world - first learn to become conscious of our fate unconsciously lying dormant in our soul, and second to follow it.

Where the individual challenge of this psychification is constellated more intensely, so-called synchronicities happen, in which outer phenomena are observed that contain a parallel meaning to one's own dreams. I interpret the outer event of synchronicities as psychification of matter, too: The latter behaves as if it knew of our inner state, and knowledge is psychic. Therefore, the so-called inanimate matter must have got some sort of psyche.

Mostly, this second process, the "synchronistic life", begins with strange events, which we somehow experience as meaningful, but because we do not look at our dreams, we cannot see their exact meaning. Therefore, we should begin to write down our dreams - if there are any. This will help us to extract the common meaning of the outer event and the dream, which will in turn enable us to experience the "preconscious" or "absolute knowledge" of the collective unconscious which knows our fate. After a phase of inner insecurity, we will finally be able to find our individuation process, i.e. the "flow of the Tao".

For Carl Jung, living the "synchronistic life" - finding the meaning in synchronicities, which in itself will lead to a more fulfilling and creative life - was the solution for the above-mentioned problem of neurotic restlessness and meaninglessness, and therefore the last step of psychic development. It is a creative spiritual life, like the one the great depth psychologist lived himself.

However, my personal experience shows that there is a growing number of people who - sometimes parallel to the constellation of many strange destructive events - get into a third process which is different from dreaming and synchronistic living. Their problem is that they do not dream and therefore they cannot deal with the contents of the unconscious and, therefore, are not confronted with synchronicities either. They cannot work out the meaning of dreams and synchronicities, and are thus more or less lost in their restless and meaningless lives.

By and large, these people are rather extraverted and very successful in their professional lives. But then suddenly it happens! They are overwhelmed by UFO encounters or even by abduction experiences. Although in these "alien" events, some sort of psychification of matter takes place also - the UFOs know the intentions of the victims and, sometimes, the UFOnauts tell them profound truths - the event which is in the foreground is some kind of materialisation: Out of "nothing" - which means out of the potential psychophysical realm or unus mundus - an act of creation takes place in which "matter of the 3rd kind" incarnates into our world. This matter is subtle body-like and does not at all behave like physical matter.

When we compare these phenomena with synchronicities we can recognize the following difference: In the latter, the psychification of matter happens twice, empirically observable as a dream on the one hand and as a meaningful outer event on the other. As we have seen, Carl Jung suggested that this meaning should be realized in our individual life. Mostly, such a solution would be the realization of ones own spiritual-psychic creativity.

However, contrary to the synchronistic event, UFO victims experience both, a psychification of matter and an incarnation of living matter. Thus, the above-mentioned difference to synchronistic phenomena consists of the fact that in UFO encounter and especially in abduction a bodily-psychic creativity is at work. This is the deeper reason, why so many of these events are full of sexual symbolism. The result of this incarnation is some sort of "subtle matter", which is neither matter as we experience it with our five senses nor "normal" spirit/psyche as we feel it inside ourselves, but the logically excluded third, namely the subtle body.

A further difference between these alien observations and synchronicity is the fact that in the former both events - the psychification of matter and the incarnation of subtle body - happen in outer space. As I mentioned above (part 1), this is due to the fact that people who experience UFO encounters and abductions stay in the Logos consciousness which is itself concentrated on the outside. At the moment of the encounter or abduction, they are unconsciously forced into Eros consciousness which is able to observe the "Eros universe" of relative space, time and gravitation. But because of their conscious Logos attitude they experience these incarnations of spontaneous acts of creation in outer space.

Therefore, the solution to this problem - the fourth manner of dealing with such events - consists in the development of a conscious introverted Eros, a novel consciousness which can observe such processes in one's own soul and body. By concentrating on one's own belly with the help of Eros consciousness, it is possible to draw back the projection of UFO encounter and abduction experiences from outer space. Compared with them, the progress of such a meditative attitude lies in the experience of not being at the mercy of the "UFOnauts" so much anymore. The change from the extraverted to the introverted observation seems to give one the possibility of influencing these events to much greater extent: The slave becomes participant! So far, my experience even shows that it is a deep concern of the "UFOnauts" that we transfer the process into our interior and in doing so experience it much more consciously. Furthermore, with the help of the above-mentioned introjection, the mostly destructive processes can become constructive, they change into a vision of a creation myth, which seems to be the goal of the "extraterrestrial's"' intentions.

As we will see below, this creation myth constellated today consists in the so-called archetype of the coniunctio, the sexual union of a male and a female deity for the purpose of the birth of their child, which is the deified subtle body and/or the redemption of the world-soul. Therefore, by drawing back the projection from outer space, a process can be observed anew which was - in a more archaic manner - already described by the Church Father Origenes (see Marie-Louise von Franz: Dream and Death, chap. 1) and by the medieval alchemists: the redemption of the deified subtle body out of bodily matter (see also Neue Mystik und Leben nach dem Tod und Was und die Träume über ein Leben nach dem Tod sagen). As much as I can see, your dreams talk of this challenge, too.




My e-mail with the interpretation of the first eight dreams crossed with one of the dreamer, in which she sent me the last of these very strange UFO dreams. Thus, I included an interpretation of this ninth dream in my answer, too.

Dream of 1/6/02 ("Two Moons"):

A quite cheerful young man with a slightly darker complexion comes to see me at home (which looks different). Soon I start telling him of my problems. He seems to understand most of my fears because he often nods and asks specific questions.

I've prepared a meal consisting of rice with scrambled egg and steak, and we're sitting at the table. There's a large window behind him through which I frequently look while I'm talking. Then he leaves.

I meet this same young man in the forest. He is looking for disciples who will carry out a project with him that needs to be kept secret from all other people. He is a little smaller now, his body a bit more sturdy than before. His skin is still darker than mine. I love him in a very special way (like a guide/guru) and sometimes hug him.

However, I'm not part of his discipleship because I'm not allowed to (i.e. it seems as if society wouldn't let me if it became known). A young woman with the same dark complexion takes my place. Although I'm a little jealous I believe that she suits him far better as his number one companion than I do. I remain a welcome visitor at all times.

Their headquarters are located in the upper part of the forest (one has to walk uphill to join them. They are frequently carrying around large items/cardboard boxes etc.). During one of my visits he takes me to a clearing (it is night-time) and tells me that the turning point has been reached, i.e. the earth has changed, something new has now started. I ask him: then why are we unable to notice anything? Nothing appears to have changed. He says we need to be ready to look (or: not all of us are able to see it) and turns his head towards the night sky. I do the same and see the moon, at first halfway hidden by trees. It appears to be only half (with a somewhat irregular cross-section) but shortly afterwards it is full, maybe not as bright as it could be but it clearly shows the usual pattern. Further down towards the horizon there's another moon, a little bigger but less bright. I'm fascinated by this phenomenon and find it extremely beautiful.

Your dream completes the series in a really grand manner. Out of the "preconscious knowledge" of the collective unconscious - which is a property of the dream's "guide/guru" - it describes the situation on our "mother earth". It is a prophetic dream which brings your subjective situation - in alchemical terms: the microcosm - together with the objective situation of contemporary history - in the macrocosm.

You feel that something very new has happened in it, therefore you ask me:

With respect to the last dream: Do you think I made a step forward, i.e. do I seem to be on the right track?

Yes, I see an essential potential development. In the beginning of your dream the "inner guru" behaves as a psychotherapist. You tell him of your troubles, he listens and tries to explain. It is the situation of a "normal" psychotherapy or psychoanalysis. But this is either the wrong method or it is not enough. Therefore, in your dream a break, an "inner quantum leap" happens and you continue your relationship with the guru in the woods.

Carl Jung was the first one to discover a phenomenon which he called facultative (optional) neurosis. This diagnosis I have often come across in my therapeutic work, too. It seems that relatively many people exist who get entangeled in a series of personal troubles during the first half of their lives. Of course they then assume, that they should undergo a therapy to solve these problems. But during this therapy or psychoanalysis deepest archetypal dreams occur which exceed the interpreting faculty of most therapists. This happens because these symbolical messages out of the collective unconscious do not deal with personal neurotic problems. Instead, they talk about an aperture of (Logos) consciousness in relation to a new zeitgeist which has not yet taken place. Your dreams are a very good example of this fact.

Such people face the task and challenge to perform a radical change of paradigm which is constellated in them and belongs to the transition from the age of Pisces to the age of Aquarius. Among other things, their task is to grow into the Eros consciousness, as described above, for adequately understanding and dealing with this novel and very different world in which space, time and gravitation are becoming relative or are completely absent. With the help of this introverted consciousness they have to concentrate on their belly for the purposes of eliminating the perception via the brain and the five extraverted senses.

HTMLIconThe Swiss saint Nicholas von Flue underwent a very similar process when he had his vision of the terrible face of God some 500 years ago (see picture on the left). In it, God's "sense organs" are destroyed by lances. Nicholas' symbolic solution for the constellated problem was the today famous wheel image (picture on the right) which describes the Eros consciousness that is able to observe the realization of the subtle body (see The Wheel Image of Nicholas von Flüe as Symbol of the Subtle Body).

Already as far back as this historical case, the necessary conditions for this process were the elimination of the perception via the sense organs and a concentration onto the vegetative nervous system's centers in the belly. In Tantrism, this goal of the Eros consciousness is symbolized by reaching the fourth chakra anahata in the heart region. As we can see in the image on the right hand side, one of the most important symbols connected to the heart chakra is the Seal of Solomon, the double-triadic structure which symbolizes the two aspects of bipolar energy, the yang (physical energy) and the yin (psychic energy). The existence of this symbol is the necessary condition for the transformation process of yang into yin energy, and vice versa (see The Wheel Image of Niklaus von Flüe ...). And exactly this challenge is constellated anew today, in you personally and in mankind.

After the "quantum leap" in your dream, you find yourself in the woods, together with the guru. In dreams, the woods mostly symbolize the vegetative nervous system, which in our case means, the three lower chakras according to Tantrism. The guru corresponds to your individual deity, hidden in your body. Therefore, your task - as we know from earlier dreams - consists of building up a relationship with your inner guru who obviously hides in the woods, i.e. in the vegetative nervous system.

This wise man has a "slightly darker complexion". He seems to be a mixture of a white and a black man. We can explain this motif as follows: He portrays the union of Logos and Eros we are looking for. Symbolically seen, the former means the bright ("a bright mind"), the latter the black, because for us Western people, obliged to the Logos, the black world is rather weird and sinister.

Expressed in terms of our contemporary religious problem, this inner guru stands for the today absolutely urgent reconciliation of Jewism and Christianism with the Islam. The former are equated with the Logos principle, the latter Carl Jung has characterized as the "religion of Eros".

Against this background, we can also see the horrible terror of "9/11" (Sept. 11th, 2001), with the resulting danger of a war between Iraq and Bush's U.S. perhaps ending in a nuclear catastrophe, and also the conflict between Israel and Palestine we can see on this deeper background. In the macrocosm, in our world, the process of the union between Logos and Eros is constellated which was already represented in the medieval alchemical archetype of the coniunctio (see below). Exactly these archetypal events correspond to your individual problem, mirroring the macrocosmic one.

Your prophetic dream tells us that "the turning point has been reached". On the one hand, this refers to your individuation process and on the other to the fact that it is high time to start thinking along different lines when it comes to finding the solution to the problems of our apocalyptic world. Therefore the sage tells you that "the earth has changed, something new has now started".

[Remark of August, 2003: The term "apocalypse" is meant symbolically, and not in the Christian meaning, and especially not in the concretizised meaning of today's Christian sects. A destructive example of this "apocalypse" (with a deeply unconscious creation myth behind it), is the HI-Virus (HIV), the existence of which, in its original form, has never been proved, which means that it comes out of an "invisible, potential form of reality that is only indirectly inferable through its effects" (Wolfgang Pauli, physicists and Nobel Laureate) [For the lack of proof of the HIV see the comments of the Nobel Laureate Kary Mullis,

This new creation is destructive because we do not approach the psychophysical world (behind the split in spirit and matter) by means of the Eros consciousness, but think that we can destroy it with aggressive Logos (which means with natural science, limited to left brain empiricism). See Hat AIDS einen Sinn? Behandlungsmöglichkeiten  der HIV-Infektion auf der Grundlage tiefenpsychologischer Imaginationsmethoden (English: What Does AIDS Mean? HIV Treatment Possibilities on the Basis of Imaginal Methods in Depth Psychology).]

But the rulers of today's world, contrary to the historical kings who asked their court jesters, fail to perceive this "subterranean" change which has already happened. They are not able anymore to integrate their own dreams and visions or at least those of "modern jesters" into their decisions in which such changes would be depicted as symbolic images.

We stand at the abyss of a worldwide catastrophe, as is described so impressively in the opening of the Seven Seals in the Book of Revelation of the Old Testament. Carl Jung writes:

"From the first four seals it [the lamb, a symbol of Jesus Christ!] lets loose the four sinister apocalyptic horse-men. With the opening of the fifth seal, we hear the martyrs crying for vengeance ... The sixth seal brings a cosmic catastrophe ... The opening of the seventh seal naturally brings a new flood of miseries ..." [cw 11, § 708]

This apocalyptical catastrophe is finished with the appearance of the sun-woman in the heavens (or of the sun-moon woman as Jungians usually interpret this figure in USA, stressing the idea of the coniunctio) who introduces the new creation, symbolized by the New Jerusalem. This apocalyptic sun-woman, appears "with the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars" after the destruction of Jerusalem, i.e., after the destruction of the one-sided patriarchal or Logos only adaptation. This reminds us of the stars and the moon of your second dream, above (see part 1).

As Carl Jung notes, the simple statement "a woman" shows, that she is

"an ordinary woman, not a goddess and not an eternal virgin immaculately conceived. No special precautions exempting her from complete womanhood are noticeable, except the cosmic and naturalistic attributes which mark her as an anima mundi [world-soul]" [CW 11, § 711].

Therefore this cosmic goddess and the ordinary woman are one and the same, which means that we will find Her in ourselves, more exactly: in the intestines of our body! This potential goddess of the body is the complement to Carl Jung's Self (which is itself a Logos principle), and I call it the Eros Self [see Wolfgang Pauli, das Prinzip des kollektiven Eros und dessen kosmogonische Bedeutung (in German)]

The apocalyptic sun-woman has the crown of the twelve stars on her head. When the European Community was founded, the politicians, in their blindness, choosed exactly this star's crown as the symbol of the EC's flag. Obviously, with this gesture, they wanted to express the supposed fact, that Europe has already endured the apocalypse - World War II. In their delusion of power they believed that we can use such a symbol by will, as some sort of modern magic. They were not able to see that the real apocalypse is still immanent. By stressing only the economic and political aspect of such a community, they were not able to see that the deepest root of a human beings' nature is not just this one-sided materialistic and will-to-power aspect, but Eros. This Eros, however, we should first learn with greatest modesty and humility from the Islamic Mysticism, the Sufism.

Otherwise, such a "community" will - as we can observe today - regress into the globalized materialistic-economic delusion, the destructive compensation to the Christian Logos principle that leads directly into the inevitable apocalyptic catastrophe of the macrocosm, of our earth and the universe. This of course would represent a negative or failed coniunctio because instead of consciously including the missing opposite by dealing with matter with the help of the Eros principle, it comes in the back door (unconsciously) as a materialistic-economic power. Thus, as long as this delusion of power reigns, no effort for the prevention of the immense catastrophe will succeed.

Another reason for this failure is the fact, that all these will-to-power-possessed attempts do not have regard for those human beings that are unconsciously carrying the missing Eros principle of the repressed deity, the world-soul and the subtle body, for the rest of us: the outcasts, the inferiors, the drug addicts, sick people in general and, last but not least, the older generation. Measured by the hyperactive and power-possessed representatives of modern Western life style, they are the useless ones. But, as long as these modern mystics are excluded by our materialistic zeitgeist, we cannot avoid the apocalyptic phase recorded in the Book of Revelation.




The next part of your last dream shows how this inner process that compensates the extraverted power delusion of Western civilisation could take place: The guru with the "slightly darker complexion" is accompanied by a woman with the same attribute. Therefore, the two symbolize the union of Logos and Eros.

As an extension of the motif of the sun-woman with her child, the New Jerusalem, medieval alchemy has represented the creation myth, finishing the Book of Revelation, as the so-called coniunctio (or hierosgamos). It consists of more or less obscene images of a god and a goddess during copulation, as the picture of the alchemical Rosarium philosophorum shows. In your dream, this myth is symbolized by the divine couple with the slightly darker complexion. This coniunctio happens in the deepest depths of your unconscious, independent of your conscious will and thoughts, expressed for example in the spontaneous appearance of such archetypal dreams. Therefore, your last dream stresses that it is the goddess and not you who is the real partner of the guru. But you "remain a welcome visitor at all times" which means that you, as a human being, have the challenge to observe the coniunctio in your inner world, in your soul and your body. Only by this active participation the incarnatio of the sun-woman's child, the New Jerusalem, will happen and terminate the apocalyptic times.

This incarnation into our space- and time-bound world is the birth of the body-soul or of the subtle body. Because it is relatively space- and timeless, it belongs to both your inner world and the outer. In it, the microcosm and the macrocosm are again united and this is what the Book of Revelation looked for using the symbol of the New Jerusalem. This is also what alchemy and Carl Jung meant with the lapis or the unus mundus and Wolfgang Pauli with the unified psychophysical reality. This process corresponds to the incarnation of the microcosmic body-soul (subtle body) which is secretly identical with the redemption of the macrocosmic world-soul.

According to the Rosarium, the child resulting from the divine sexual union, the New Jerusalem of the Book of Revelation, is a hermaphrodite or androgynous entity. This male-female being, which is also double-headed, holds three snakes in the right hand and one in the left. For the reader who is familiar with Carl Jung's work it is obvious that the modern interpretation of the latter symbolism is his typology. But, as we can see in this alchemical picture, the bearer of these three plus one snakes (Carl Jung's typology of the consciousness) is not a quaternity, as Jungians always claim, but incorporates the double-triadic structure of the hermaphrodite with two arms, two legs and two heads. The modern physicist can recognize in this 3+1+6 structure an early precursor of the superstring model: the four dimensions of space-time, and behind them the six dimensions of the quantum physical realm.

Moreover, it seems that the level of androgynity that increasingly dominates today's youth is an unconscious herald of this "child": These people are not yet aware of the process of the divine couple's coniunctio in the deepest depths of the collective unconscious, which will culminate in the birth of a world, totally different from today's. Therefore, such "subterranean" events surface in the form of everyday androgynity. However, this concretisation and projection can only be the first stage of the above-mentioned psychic and "inner-bodily" process.

Further, we can see that - in contrast to Genesis, the cosmic creation process of the Old Testament - the human being is included. Not a perfect man as in Christianity but one who has become complete, with all his strong and weak abilities. This inclusion of man into a novel creation myth corresponds to the restitution of the destroyed creation, to the so-called tikkun in Isaak Luria's Cabbalah. Today, a growing number of human beings have the challenge to accompany this introverted process - the "inner quantum physics". Only with the help of this mentality can we compensate the danger of apocalyptical destruction of the near future by a constructive process.

Such a task has to happen "secretly", which means in the deepest introversion, and not in an extraverted way by do-gooders. "Not all of us are able to see it", yes, but some people should learn to look for these phenomena by concentrating on their belly with the purpose of observing the transformation processes that happen in it.

In the dream, your guru leads you to the clearing, the brighter place in the woods. "Light" means "enlightenment", spontaneously occurring illuminations which you will experience as inner images and visions, perhaps sometimes also as clearaudience, emerging from the vegetative nervous system or the "gut brain", the enteric nervous system around our guts as discovered by Michael Gershon 20 years ago.

The end of the dream shows the motif of the moon's doubling. The doubling of a dream content explains the split which happens when a content of the unconscious approaches consciousness. Wolfgang Pauli writes to Carl Jung:

"[The doubling phenomenon] is essentialy linked to the condition that archetypal contents (from a deeper, completely timeless structure) draw near to the conscious..." [Meier, 2001, p. 35]


"[The doubling motif] always appears when progress is being made in the development of consciousness and is connected with the 'incarnation' of an archetype." [Meier, 2001, p. 135]

Furthermore, the doubling motif in Pauli's dreams always appears together with the phenomenon of synchronicity. The very strange fact is that Pauli's guru, the "stranger" (or was it an alien?), never talks of synchronicity but calls it "radioactivity" (see also The Connection between Radioactivity and Synchronicity in the Pauli/Jung Letters).

Therefore we can conclude that your consciousness has opened to the "moon" which of course means that you have begun to integrate Eros consciousness. In so doing it will be possible to observe the contents of the "moon unconscious". The "conscious moon" is now together with the unconscious one and conscious Eros can observe the Eros unconscious.

The end of the dream describes the second stage of the psychification of bodily matter I discussed above: The conscious integration of synchronicities in your life. When someone has learnt to let her-/himself fall consciously into the "dimmed" consciousness and, by this, let the body move "accidentally" in outer space, synchronistic events will become more frequent. The conscious attitude of "catching" them is what I call synchronicity quest. Therefore, we can expect that an accumulation of synchronicities will happen in your life. The interpretation of these contents of the "preconscious" or "absolute knowledge" of the Self (Carl Jung), of the collective unconscious' center, will help you to find your individuation process, to follow the flow of your Tao.


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